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Sights and Sounds of Munich
Our final Danube destination, Nuremberg!
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Schönes München!

Updated: Aug 12, 2023

After disembarking from the ship on Friday morning, we ventured back to Nuremberg for a final stroll from the castle down to the city center, Hauptmarkt, to enjoy one last pass (and a glüwein or two) through the Christkindlmarkt!

After a lovely car ride from Nuremberg to Munich (in which we devoured a rather huge pretzel), we settled into our hotel and made our way via a short subway ride to Marienplatz and the home of Munich’s famous Christkindlmarkt! While not as large as the birthplace of Christmas markets (Nuremberg), it was every bit as magical (and even more crowded!). We wandered around the square and took in the sights, before heading off to dinner at the world-famous Hoffbräuhaus!

We made our way back through the snow-lined streets of Munich to our hotel. After saying our sweet goodbyes to Nan and Jeff, who were flying back early the next morning, we turned in for a much-needed night of rest. Saturday’s plans include further exploring Munich and its rich history.


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