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About Me

Thanks for checking out my travel blog! My husband, Mark, and I are passionate about living life to the fullest. When I'm not at my day job as CMO for an S&P 500 tech company, I'm dreaming about our next trip, planning our itinerary, or traveling the globe. Travel for us often includes visiting awe-inspiring places around the world, sharing great food, taking photos at every turn, and making memories to last a lifetime. We love experiencing new cultures, meeting new people, seeing pieces of history at every turn, and expanding our world with each new adventure and destination. Oftentimes our travel includes dear friends, which makes the memories all the sweeter.


While we hope you enjoy reading about our journeys, it's probably important to note that this didn't start out as a travel blog. I simply journaled our first trip to Italy in 2012 as a way to capture our memories. When I shared it with a few close family members and friends, it got legs of its own! Before I knew it, I was getting requests to share my blog with strangers.

My primary goal hasn't changed; I journal each trip as a way to capture and cherish these moments. If you gain something positive – whether travel tips, insight into a specific destination, or a greater thirst for travel yourself, then that's just icing on the cake!



"Life is not measured
by the breaths we take,
but by the moments
that take our breath away."

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