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Part 1: Bella Amalfi!
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A Trip Worth Blogging About!

Updated: Aug 12, 2023

After two long years and three canceled attempts, it looks like we are finally headed across the great pond! It’s only fitting that our return to international travel resumes in our favorite country of Italy. This will be our third trip to this beautiful country - one that is so rich in architectural, cultural, artistic, political, and religious history. We will see some familiar sites, and visit a few new places we’ve yet to explore. We will experience three mini-vacations of the course of 17 days, in three different regions of Italy, with a variety of dear friends. And so begins my next travel blog of our adventures.

Our intent is simply to capture the daily experiences of our travels and to keep a journal of our memories - one that we can refer back to for years to come. The blog format allows us to share this with family members and friends who’ve asked to follow our past travels. Feel free to join us!

We leave Sunday for Rome. Until then, ciao!


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