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Part 1: Bella Amalfi!
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Amalfi By Boat

Updated: Aug 12, 2023

You haven’t truly seen the Amalfi coast until you’ve experienced it by boat. What a day! Luca met us at our hotel dock for a personalized tour of this gorgeous coastline by power boat. I am in my happy place when I’m on a boat, and on the Mediterranean Sea is no different! The weather was superb and the view was spectacular.

After departing Amalfi, we passed a few lesser-known, lovely coastline villages, like Marini, Agerola, Laurito, and Arienzo. We saw Italy’s prized fjord – Fjord of Furore, which hosts an international competitive diving tournament each year off this bridge.

We passed Positano, the jewel of the Amalfi coast, looking every bit as beautiful by water.

Between Positano and Capri, we passed the Li Galli archipelago (made up of three islands - Gallo Lungo, La Castelluccia, and La Rotonda). Legend has it they were once home to sirens. Made famous from Homer’s “Odyssey,” in Greek mythology sirens were half women and half birds that would sing to distract the sailors, causing boats to crash against the rocks of the islands.

On our way to Capri, we stopped at several incredible grottos. The most famous Blue Grotto, was so packed with boats and tourists, you couldn’t get near it. We passed on this one, and instead ventured to Grotta Bianca, which has a natural stalagmite formation in the shape of a praying Madonna (can you spot it?).

Luca showed us several other grottos, including Grotta Verdi, and various caves of Capri - each one more beautiful with water more vibrant than the last.

After a lovely lunch at the waterside Bagni Tiberio Ristorante, we headed to Capri for a quick trip up the Funicolare to enjoy the hilltop views and, of course, a refreshing gelato!

Following our return journey via boat, our late afternoon ended with a swim and a poolside cocktail back at our hotel in Amalfi. Tomorrow, we visit Paestum. But now, we sleep. Buona Notte!


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