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A Tour of Tuscany
Italian Riveria
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Florence By Way of Pisa

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

We said our goodbyes to the Cinque Terre and headed to Florence, with a quick stop in Pisa. We’re glad we did, because now we’ll never have to visit again! It’s a shame that this place is busting at the seams with souvenir stalls and tourists, because the historical grounds and architecture really are beautiful.

What do they say? If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em? So here are our obligatory photos of the Leaning Tower…

We were up to nine train excursions and six bus rides when we arrived in Florence - and happy to be leaving a train station for a few days!

Florence is especially crowded – surprise! It’s another holiday – today is Italy’s Liberation Day! We really know how to plan our trips! The piazzas are all jam-packed with people, both locals and tourists alike. We managed to take a quick stroll around the Duomo and across Ponte Vecchio.

We were in search of the perfect gelato, as we've been told Florence makes it best. Instead, we found the perfect tourist trap - let's just say you really must emphasize the size of cone you would like in Florence. Otherwise before you blink, you receive a grandissimo waffle cone stuffed full with gelato. All for the bargain price of 10 euro! That's right folks, we just paid approx. $13 for an ice cream cone!

After feeling robbed, but with full bellies, we walked through the courtyard of the Uffizi Gallery and into the Palazzo Vecchio, where an orchestra was playing on the front steps to a full crowd.

We turned in early tonight to rest up for our big day tomorrow, touring the Tuscan countryside, including a stop in Siena and in San Gimignano. Buonanotte!


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