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Paris in three hours
16 days and counting…
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Kidney Stone Be Damned!

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

Less than a week away from our 25th anniversary trip, my kidney decided to gift me with a stone. I had surgery to remove it on Friday. Less than 16 hours after general anesthesia, I was tearing up as our youngest crossed the stage at graduation. Don’t ask if I remember much of the ceremony, and I’m not sure what made me cry more – the pain or the fact that our youngest chick is leaving the nest. Fast forward three days, we are packed and onboard our flight. I figure what could be better than convalescing in a fancy schmancy hotel overlooking the Eiffel Tower?! More to come tomorrow, from the city of Light!

PS> Apologies to the man in 3F who accidentally photo-bombed our pic!


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