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Schönes München!
Beautiful Regensburg!
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Our final Danube destination, Nuremberg!

Updated: Aug 12, 2023

Most of our actual cruising on the Danube has been at night. However, we had several hours this morning to watch the scenery roll by as we made our way from Regensburg to Nuremberg. It was nice to fully open our drapes and take in the beautiful landscape in this part of the country. There were loads of mallard ducks and geese accompanying us along the river. We also got to see the full lock process during daylight – fascinating!

The ship had a technical stop in Roth and we disembarked for our afternoon tour of Nuremberg. The first part of our tour was on the bus as we drove through the various sections of Nuremberg – the 2nd largest city in Bavaria.

One of the first buildings we saw was the Südkaserne (or South Barracks), which housed the SS Signals School during WWII and was considered the most important barrack in the Third Reich. Ironically, today it houses the Germany Ministry for Refugees. One side note – you will notice the three flagpoles out front with no flags flying. This is true throughout Germany. Due to the prevalence of flags always flying under the Nazi regime, Germans wanted to separate themselves from this terrible time in their history, so they limit the flying of flags to only special or specific occasions. A subtle, but significant, gesture.

We navigated our way to the Imperial Castle of Nuremberg, considered one of Europe’s best, still-standing medieval forts. The castle was severely damaged during World War II, as was most of Nuremberg and rebuilt soon after.

We then walked from the castle to the medieval St. Sebald Church, and then headed to the famous Christkindlsmarkt. What a sight to see for sure – this is by far the largest Christmas market we visited.

We tried several new tasty treats, including kartoffelpuffer mit apfelmus – the most delicious potato pancakes with applesauce. And we managed to find a new nutcracker to add to our collection.

Back on the ship we toasted to our fantastic crew, who managed through all kinds of challenges and contingencies, enjoyed a lovely dinner, and then celebrated with a talented German swing band.

Tomorrow we disembark in Nuremberg, and then head to Munich for our final weekend in Germany. Tschüss!


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