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Hola, Barcelona!
A day at sea does the body good!
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Today was “best decision ever” day.

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

We were scheduled to go to Saint Tropez on the final excursion of our cruise. Upon reviewing the details, we realized this meant a 7:30 am ship tender, followed by a nearly two hour bus drive to Saint Tropez. We decided to scrap those plans! Instead, we slept in, had a lovely breakfast, and then spent our Saturday in the charming fishing port of Sanary sur Mer. We are so glad we did! In fact, we all kept repeating, “best decision ever!” The town is lovely and featured a weekend farmer’s market – we purchased olives, garlic, salami, peaches and cherries. Everything was so delicious!

After walking the quaint side and back streets, taking in several boutiques, we made our way back to the ship. Our final afternoon was, once again, poolside (have you noticed a pattern here?!). Our final dinner on the ship was at Prime 7, a traditional steakhouse. Once again, the specialty restaurant did not disappoint!

After dinner, we headed back to our staterooms to pack up our luggage. A funny side note – luggage had to be outside our rooms by 11:00 pm. As Mark and I pulled our luggage out, I kept repeating, “don’t let the door close.” What did Mark do? He let the door close. With no key, I’m standing in the hallway outside our room in my PJs and barefoot. Luckily, I packed my pretty pajamas and, equally lucky, Mark still had his shorts on!

Tomorrow (Sunday), we disembark at 9:00 am in Barcelona.


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